Sweden: Public broadcaster excludes hit rap song from playlists

Because of ‘violent lyrics’ and a ‘stance against the Sweden Democrats and the Moderates’, the song ‘Black Doves and Wilted Lilies’ (‘Svarta duvor och vissna liljor’) by Timbuktu (real name: Jason Diakité) and Sebbe Staxx (real name: Sebastian Stakset) will not be included on the national Swedish radio’s playlists and is thus practically banned from the main music channel, SR P3.


Swedish media caused a heated debate about the song in recent weeks, mainly because of one line in the lyrics that slaps the party leader Jimmie Åkesson ‘yellow and blue’ and ‘hoist him up a flagpole’.

‘Black Doves and Wilted Lilies’ became a hit on the national music charts, but the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, SR, decided that the song is not to be broadcasted uncommented, though it can be played if put in context. As a public broadcaster, the Swedish Radio does not wish to play a song which contains threats and strong stances against two political parties, the Sweden Democrats and the Moderates.

“It goes against the requirements we have to be impartial. Of course, this is an extra sensitive topic right now because we are entering an election campaign period,” explained Jonas Westman, manager of the music editors at P3, to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Timbuktu wrote on Twitter that he “always renounces violence” and that he “expresses his anger in musical form.” In a long Facebook posts, he also wrote that you should not hang up his opinion on two lines in a song.

Articles in Swedish language:

Aftonbladet – 16 December 2013:
P3 spelar inte kontroversiell låt (P3 not playing controversial song)

SvD Kultur – 28 November 2013:
Kartellen och Timbuktu vållar debatt (Kartellen and Timbuktu cause debate)
Kartellen och Timbuktu har väckt starka reaktioner med ‘Svarta duvor och vissna liljor’. Låten innehåller kraftfulla textrader om Sverigedemokraterna som kan tolkas som hot.

Published on youtube.com on 13 December 2013.

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