Syria: Actor Aiman Zidan threatened with death by hanging

A home page of one of the Syrian opposition groups has a picture of one of Syria’s most renowned and respected actors, Aiman Zidan, along with a text: “The thing is out of the hands of the FSA. It is with the Al-Nusra front now. By God’s name, we will hang you in Kafirsosa Square!”

Aiman Zidan

Aiman Zidan in return revealed other threat messages that he has received on his mobile phone. “To all the Syrians, I put in your hands examples of messages that I have received. It makes me sad that we have gotten to this point and I cannot begin to describe my sadness about these new extremist mentalities,” he wrote, according to a short report by Al Bawaba.
Al Bawaba – 31 December 2012:
Syrian actor Ayman Zidan is threatened with death by hanging


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