Iraq: Model/actor found dead after being reported missing

Karar Nushi, a young actor, fashion model and student at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad was found dead, in an apparent homicide, on 3 July 2017 after having been declared missing, reported Iraqi News. Nushi’s body was found in a garbage dump in central Baghdad two days after he was abducted by unknown […]

Mexico: Narcocorrido musician killed for singing to the wrong cartel

On 3 March 2017, Rolando Arellano Sánchez, a member of the narcocorrido band Contacto, was shot and killed by cartel members who were waiting for him outside the house of another member of the band in Tijuana city, reported Univision on 5 March 2017. Sánchez, the 22-year-old guitarist and back-up vocalist of the band, was […]

Pakistan: Famed Sufi singer killed in drive-by shooting

Freemuse calls for counter narratives to religious extremism On 22 June 2016, one of Pakistan’s most famous singers Amjad Sabri died in the port town of Karachi after two gunmen on a motorbike shot the singer in his car just a kilometre after leaving his home. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the killing, reported […]

Iraq: Boy beheaded for listening to Western music

According to ARA News, Islamic State militants publicly executed a 15-year-old boy in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on 16 February 2016 for listening to “Western music”. A spokesman for the Ninevah media centre told the news outlet that the boy, Ayham Hussein, was caught listening to pop music in his father’s grocery store […]

Burundi: Musician shot by police

The Burundian singer and musician Pascal Treasury Nshimirimana was arrested and shot by police on 3 January 2016, according to BBC Afrique and RFI. The 27-year-old singer, also known as Lisuba (also spelled: Lissouba), was arrested by the police in the morning and was later found dead in Musaga, a neighbourhood south of the capital […]

France post-November 13: Musicians shocked but defiant

The massacre at the Bataclan concert hall spreads fear and generates financial losses but also determination to carry on. Daniel Brown reports from Paris two weeks after the attacks “Vive la musique, vive la liberté, vive la France, and vive EODM.” Eagles of Death Metal By what eerie twist of fate did the three assaillants launch their massacre […]

Syria: Cartoonist killed under torture

After two years of silence, it has reportedly now been confirmed that the Syrian cartoonist Akram Raslan died in 2013 under torture in a detention centre, only a few months after his arrest. During two years, rumours have circulated about the death of the 35-year-old Syrian cartoonist. In September 2015, these rumours were allegedly confirmed […]

Syrian artists standing against tyranny

The nationwide uprising that swept through Syria in March 2011 has created a rift between the country’s artists and intellectuals. Some of whom took the regime’s side, some preferred to remain neutral, while others chose to join the revolution since its early beginnings. However, their support of the uprising has had serious repercussions: assault, threat, […]

Pakistan: Drummer and performer killed by armed men

In Swabi in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, two people were killed in a violent attack in the middle of the night when a group of transgender dancers and musicians was returning home after performing a show at a wedding party. The attackers were waiting for the musicians and dancers in a field and tried to abduct […]

Denmark: Attack on public meeting about art, blasphemy and freedom of expression

A 55-year-old film director was killed and three police officers injured after an armed man opened fire inside the lobby of a café in Copenhagen where a public debate meeting was being held in the theatre next to the lobby. Bullets went through doors and windows, and everyone threw themselves to the floor. The French […]

France: Satirical magazine brutally attacked by gunmen

Freemuse strongly condemns the brutal attack on Charlie Hebdo which has left 12 dead and five seriously injured. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and colleagues. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and the French presiden also condemned the attack with automatic rifles on Charlie Hebdo staff members and police: “I am horrified by this shocking attack against […]

Pakistan: Singer killed by four gunmen

» Dawn / AFP – 19 June 2014: Pashto singer Gulnaz shot dead in Peshawar Pashto singer Gulnaz alias Muskan was killed in the Gulburg area of Peshawar Cantt. Police said unidentified gunmen entered the house of Gulnaz also known as Muskan and shot her dead. » Samaa – 19 June 2014: Pashto singer Gulnaz […]

The soundtrack of Syrian resistance

Music has been at the core of the Syrian uprising since its beginning in 2011, and for the same reason musicians have been killed and are being silenced by force. It is part of an attempt to impose political and religious agendas, reports Spanish-Syrian activist Leila Nachawati, who is a professor of Communications at Carlos […]

Iran: Poet executed

Relatives of poet Hashem Shaabani were reportedly told on 29 January 2014 that he had been executed by hanging “three or four days before”. Hashem Shaabani Nejad (also spelled: Sha’baninejad or Sha’bani-Nejad), a 32-year-old father of one child, was allegedly executed alongside fellow teacher Hadi Rashedi after conviction of “enmity against God”, “corruption on earth”, […]

Pakistan: Five killed in cinema attacked with hand grenades

On 2 February 2014, two hand grenades hurled into a cinema hall in Peshawar killed five persons and injured 31. Police were reportedly not surprised – they had been warning cinemas for a while that they needed to step up security. A stampede following the blasts was responsible for many of the injuries. Around 100 […]

Greece: Rapper murdered

On the night of 17 September 2013 approximately 25 Golden Dawn neo-nazis murdered the 34-year-old rapper Pavlos Fissas, known as ‘Killah P’, in Keratsini, a working class neighborhood in Piraeus, Athens. » Information can be found in @antireport, #antireport, #KillahP » This is one of his songs on, roughly translated as ‘I won’t […]

North Korea: 12 musicians executed by firing squad

Unconfirmed reports claim the famous North Korean pop singer Hyun Song-wol was among a number of musicians who were executed by firing squad on 20 August 2013, according to the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo. On 29 August 2013, South Korea’s largest daily newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reported that Hyun Song-wol had been executed by […]

Russia: 25-year-old rapper stomped to death

In Arkhangelsk, a city in Northern Russia, a man was stomped to death on 17 February 2013 for rapping at a sports bar. Alexei Gorlishchev, 25, was rapping at the local Bookmaker Pub, sparking the ire of some patrons, the tabloid reported. One of the critics, Artyom Furzikov, 21, offered the rapper to “take […]

Several musicians brutally killed in Mexico

Several of the musicians from the Mexican group Kombo Kolombia who have been reported missing since 24 January, have been found dead. It is still uncertain how many band members that have been killed.  Kombo Kolombia had been playing a gig in a private bar on Thursday 24 January and alledgedly the muicians were abducted […]

Chile: Arrest order issued for the killers of singer Victor Jara

A judge in Chile has ordered the arrest of eight former army officers over the murder 39 years ago of well-known left-wing singer Victor Jara — one of the best known victims of Chilean military rule. A few days later, four of the men handed themselves in to the authorities, reported BBC News and Fox […]

Colombia: Ten rappers murdered for criticizing the system

Ten rappers have been murdered in the last two years in the Colombian city Medellín. Their “crime”: that they volunteered to help getting young people away from paramilitary groups and drug gangs. 14 rappers have gone underground, and even more fear for their lives, reported the Danish newspaper Arbejderen. An article in the Danish newspaper […]

Syrian actor killed – allegedly for supporting the president

The well-known Syrian-born Palestinian actor Mohammed Rafia is believed to have been killed by rebels because of his support for President Bashar al-Assad. “His death is a sign of the abyss of personal hatred and violence into which Syria has fallen,” wrote BBC’s reporter Sebastian Usher. An extremist rebel group says it killed him, though […]

Somalia: Poet, playwright and songwriter killed by unknown gunmen

Somali poet, playwright and songwriter Warsame Shire Awale was killed in the country’s capital, Mogadishu, on 29 October 2012 in the evening, reported BBC World. Warsame Shire Awale who was in his 60s worked for the Radio Kulmiye where he wrote and acted in radio plays critical of the militant group, al-Shabab, who he accused […]

Afghanistan: 22-year-old tv actress murdered

On 20 August 2012, Benafsha, a 22-year-old tv actress, was stabbed to death as she was going to a bakery in the western part the capital Kabul. It was said that the roles Benafsha played in tv series were considered to be “against Islamic values and moralities” Benafsha was killed right after she had participated […]

Afghanistan: 17 civilians killed, allegedly for listening to music

17 civilians have been killed by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province, possibly for having been attending a party with music in an area under the control of the Taliban, according to Reuters, BBC News and Khaama Press. The bodies of two women and 15 men were found by the side of a road […]

Pakistan: Popular singer gunned down in music market

A young popular female singer, Ghazala Javed, was shot dead on 18 June 2012 along with her father by two unknown armed men The incident happened in the busy Mohallah Nau of Dabgari Garden in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, where the singer was on her way from a beauty parlor […]



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