Tunisia: Artists imprisoned because of rap video

Actress Sabrine Klibi and cameraman Mohamed Hedi Belgueyed were sentenced to six months in prison for their participation in the music video ‘Cops are Dogs’, reported Tunisia Live.


At the Court of First Instance of Ben Arous, a southern suburb of Tunis, the artists were charged according to five articles of the Tunisian Penal Code that punish those who defame police officers and contribute to civil disobedience, the blog Nawaat reported.

Rapper Ala Yaakoubi, who performs under the name Weld El 15 and is responsible for the music video, was sentenced to two years of imprisonment in absentia. He remains on the run.

Tunisia: Rapper and video team charged for hate speech, two arrested

Tunisia Live – 22 March 2013
Artists in ‘Cops are Dogs’ Video Sentenced to Prison
By Amira Masrour

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