Turkey: Many artists bow to censorship orders, says theatre director


According to the veteran Turkish stage actor and director Genco Erkal many artists in Turkey are bowing to censorship orders from municipal or state officials “because they want to be able to draw on opportunities offered by municipalities.”

“Many fellow [actors] comply with terms imposed by municipalities just so they can receive funds,” Genco Erkal was quoted as saying in a Q&A. “They make changes to their texts, they make adjustments to the costumes, they leave out certain scenes … and make their [plays] non-controversial [for the government].”

According to Erkal the ministry cut its annual funds to 16 theatre companies just because they supported Gezi. Genco Erkal’s long-standing İstanbul-based theatre company Dostlar Theatre was allegedly blacklisted by the Culture and Tourism Ministry following 2013’s Gezi Park protests on grounds that they supported the nationwide protests.

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