Turkey: Municipality censored theatre decor

According to the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, Tiyatrokare’s play ‘Onca Yoksulluk Varken’ was censored by Erzurum municipality in Turkey.

Founder of the theatre Nedim Saban stated that the play was censored because of a “Down with Fascism” prop. Hürriyet’s reporter Gülbahar Karakuş quoted Nedim Saban as saying:

“Unfortunately the play was censored because of its props. The decor is being censored! They are still demanding to see criminal reports of our actors, and [Erzurum municipality] demand to see the manuscript of the play. They have been blacklisting actors in this country for many years.”

The theatre play is adapted from Emile Ajar’s novel ‘La vie devant soi’ which tells about a Jewish woman living in an Arabic neighbourhood in France looking after children whose mothers are prostitutes.

Source: Freedom of Expression Weekly Bulletin Issue 15/12, 13 April 2012

Radikal – 12 April 2012:
10 yaşındaki çocuğun hayatla yüzleşmesi vicdanımızdır

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