Turkey: ‘Organisation propaganda’ charge against children’s books


An investigation was opened against 24 books published by Aram Publishing within the last year with reasons of “organisation propaganda” and “recruiting members for an organisation,” according to the 15 May 2015 issue of the weekly Freedom of Expression bulletin from Turkish Initiative for Freedom of Expression.

A case was opened by Diyarbakir 5th High Criminal Court with the same reasons against books published for children in Şengal and Kobani, exposed to attacks by the Islamic State.

» Source: www.antenna-tr.org

In 2010, Aram Publishing owner Bedri Adanir was tried for 38 books confiscated in a search and because of articles in 4 issues of the Kurdish Hawar newspaper. Adanir, editorial manager of the Hawar daily, was held in detention for more than four months, charged with “spreading propaganda for an illegal organisation”. The prosecutor then demanded a seven count prison sentence of up to 50 years for Bedri Adanir, reported Ekurd Daily.

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