Turkey: Report about freedom of expression violations

In the aftermath of a brutal government crackdown on dissent during the Gezi Park protests, PEN has prepared a report highlighting some of the issues raised by the nationwide protest movement


‘The Gezi Park Protests: the impact on freedom of expression in Turkey’ is a joint report published by English PEN and PEN International.

In the report, PEN assesses the violations of the right to freedom of expression and to freedom of assembly during summer 2013’s protests, detailing numerous examples of intimidation, judicial harassment and violence against writers and journalists by authorities in Turkey, and shedding light on the mechanisms by which the mainstream media is pushed towards self-censorship.

PEN has highlighted a number of key cases of concern – some of them involving individuals directly affected by Gezi, others pre-dating the Gezi Park protests – with regard to freedom of expression in Turkey. Artists on the list are:

Ahmet Altan, novelist, essayist and journalist – criminal defamation
Fazil Say, concert pianist and writer – religious defamation
İhsan Eliaçik, writer, theologian and publisher – criminal defamation
İsmail Saymaz, writer – intimidation
Muharrem Erbey, writer – anti-terror law

» Read more and take action: www.pen-international.org

» A list of writers at risk in Turkey (PDF)

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