Turkey: ‘Rocking imam’ blocked from singing in Portugal


Turkish imam and rock musician Ahmet Muhsin Tüzer has been denied permission to give a concert in Portugal by Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs, the Diyanet, reported several news media on 1 March 2016.

Known in Turkey as the “Rockin’ Imam”, Ahmet Muhsin is the imam in the town of Kas, a tiny hamlet on the Mediterranean coast in the southern Antalya province. He told media that his concert in Portugal would have been “an important publicity opportunity” for Islam in the West. As a religious authority himself, he insists that his music should not be offensive to any religious authority.

Ahmet Muhsin has given concerts with his rock band, FiRock, throughout Turkey, and he has been granted a visa to travel to and perform in New York as well.

His performance at the Serralves Museum in Porto, Portugal, had been approved by Turkey’s Cultural Ministry, before the Diyanet, Turkey’s religious enforcement authority, revoked their decision to allow the show to go on.


» Breitbart – 2 March 2016:
Turkish Religious Body Denies ‘Rockin’ Imam’ Permission for Portugal Concert

» Hurriyet Daily News – 1 March 2016:
Turkey’s religious body refuses to grant concert permission to ‘rocking imam’

» Al Jazeera – 1 March 2016:
Turkey blocks ‘rocking imam’ from singing in Portugal

» Tüzer’s statement (in Turkish language) on www.milliyet.com.tr

Ahmet Muhsin and FiRock: ‘Her Nefeste’

Published on youtube.com on 29 February 2016

Photo on top of this page is a screendump from this Finnish video, ‘Turkey Rockin Imam’, which was published on youtube.com on 10 January 2016.

Earlier articles about Ahmet Muhsin Tüzer’s case

» Freemuse – 12 June 2014:
Turkey: Imam given go ahead to make rock‘n’roll
“A Turkish imam, Ahmet Muhsin Tüzer, has been allowed to rock on after the country’s powerful religious authorities gave him the green light to continue playing in his band after a nine-month investigation.”

» Freemuse – 10 January 2014:
Turkey: ‘Rock‘n’roll Imam’ under investigation
“Turkish authorities are investigating whether the imam of a Mediterranean mosque, Ahmet Muhsin Tuzer, can continue his rock band, or whether the genre is incompatible with Islam.”

» Al Jazeera – 3 December 2013:
Turkey’s rock ‘n’ roll imam spurs controversy
“Country’s religious authority investigating whether Ahmet Muhsin Tuzer’s music is ‘un-Islamic’, as band faces threats.”

» Freemuse – 3 September 2013:
Turkey: Imam who is also a musician receives threats
“Imam and rock musician Ahmet Muhsin Tüzer gave a concert with a repertoire composed entirely by himself at Kaş Marina on 10 August 2013. After the concert was reported by the press, he began to receive threatening and insulting messages.”

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