United Kingdom: Theatre piece containing nudity censored

Actress Elizabeth Sogorb is being forced to wear a flesh-coloured catsuit in her performance of La Nina Barro at the fringe because venue The Newsroom has objected to the nakedness which is an integral part of the show.

The performance involves Sogorb starting the piece covered in clay, which is washed off over the course of the piece: a woman of clay made flesh. Although Sogorb has had to wear a catsuit to conform to the requests of the venue, D’Avila told Æ that the show is going on.

She said: “I’ve been apologising to audiences at the start of the show for not giving them the piece as it was conceived, and been concerned that reviewers would think the show was not as it should be, if I didn’t explain why she’s wearing a stupid suit.”

» Sourced through Scoop.it from: alledinburghtheatre.com

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