USA: Art exhibition abrubtly cancelled

The art exhibition ‘Prime Example’ was abrubtly cancelled by Herberger Theater Center after photographs by artist Mike Ford were deemed potentially offensive by Bowers and Laurene Austin, Herberger’s director of marketing and development.


‘The Sodomite’ was one of Mike Ford’s works that was set to appear in the show. It’s an image of a man in white makeup with the word sodomite written in red across his forehead.

Phoenix New Times – 27 September 2013:
National Coalition Against Censorship Calls for Herberger to Apologize for Censoring Art
Herberger Theater Center stirred up local controversy by abruptly canceling the art exhibition “Prime Example” in August because of its content. Now the arts organization, which is owned by the city of Phoenix, is getting national attention. The New York City-based National Coalition Against Censorship has called out Herberger for its recent act of censorship. Article by Becky Bartkowski

Phoenix New Times – 19 September 2013:
Herberger Censorship Will Have Long-Term Impact
Article by Becky Bartkowski

» Slide show: Artists Protest Herberger Theater Center’s Censorship

National Coalition Against Censorship

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