USA: Arts advocacy project displays 24 censored works


In its latest newsletter, National Coalition Against Censorship looks back at art censorship incidents in 2014 and launches an “arts advocacy project”. NCAC writes:

“Don’t hold your breath for nipple reveals or cock shows – while artistic representations of nudes remain a regular target of censorship, the most compelling and controversial artwork in 2014 came from artists challenging social norms and exposing cultural fissures.

There was the occasional use of female anatomy or children as subjects (plus a very erect Christmas tree, shown above), but what each painting, photo, sculpture, or mural on this list has in common is their capacity to inspire critical thought, impassioned emotion, and waves of offense.

Perhaps none more so than in France, where controversy erupted over several pieces, including Demin’s interpretation of the birthing process with his kinetic work Machine à Accoucher:

NCAC’s Arts Advocacy Project is pleased to bring you 24 censored works that sparked dialogue this year, from a graffiti-blasted mural in New Jersey to a deflated holiday phallus in Paris. We’ll leave it up to you to decide their artistic merit.

Beginning with #24, a piece of urban art that fell victim to the Ferguson imbroglio.”

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