USA: ‘Censorship’ controversy over school shooting massacre artwork

The National Coalition Against Censorship, with headquarters in New York City, has urged the Emerald Art Center in a strongly worded letter “to revise your exhibition policies to assure that the Emerald Art Center [in Springfield, USA], does not become a repressive censor, trampling the artistic freedom of its own members,” after a piece of artwork by Junction City artist Linda Cunningham was deemed “too controversial” for an exhibit at the center.


“That’s one fascinating thing about attempting censorship – it often backfires,” said Jud Turner, a metal sculptor who shows and sells his work nationally and internationally, and who decided to cancel the exhibit he had planned for the Emerald Art Center in March 2014:

“The people at the Emerald Art Center wanted to avoid controversy, but far more people are aware of (Cunningham’s) artwork now than ever would have been otherwise.”

Cunningham’s three-dimensional ‘assemblage’, a commentary on the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012, has reportedly found a home in the front window of the New Zone Gallery in downtown Eugene.

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