USA: Citizens group advocates censorship of anti-Israeli theatre plays

In an apparent bow to the right in the Jewish culture wars, Theater J, a celebrated theatrical group housed at Washington’s DC Jewish Community Center, will not produce a play that has been denounced by critics as ‘anti-Israel’.


“A small yet vocal group seems to be holding the artistic and ethical sensibilities of the Jewish community of Washington, D.C. hostage, leading Theatre J to scale back its planned production of ‘The Admission’ by Motti Lerner. (…) The small group, COPMA (Citizens Opposed to Propaganda Masquerading as Art), is advocating censorship. In its small-minded way it has decided that Jewish communal funding mechanisms should not fund plays they feel de-legitimates Israel. As a result they started a witchhunt to force the local Jewish federation to withdraw funding from Theatre J’s, home at a Jewish community center. This is McCarthyism, pure and simple.”

Forward, The Jewish Daily – 15 October 2013:
No Censorship at Theater J
By David Y. Chack, President of the Association for Jewish Theatre

Forward, The Jewish Daily – 9 October 2013:
Theater J Scales Back Show as Pro-Israel Critics Pressure Washington D.C. Troupe
‘The Admission’ Will Be Workshop — Not Full Production

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