USA: Exhibit reinstalled after public firestorm over censorship

Kennesaw State University has offered to reinstall an exhibit that was removed just before the grand opening of its new Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art because of concerns that it wasn’t “celebratory” enough for the occasion and might might offend some visitors.


The exhibit, created by Georgia State University professor Ruth Stanford, chronicled the history of writer Corra Harris’ homestead and included text by Harris in which she rationalized the lynching of African-Americans.

Ruth Stanford has agreed to allow Kennesaw State University to restore the exhibit but expressed concern that the university “continues to control the conversation” surrounding the art.

Kennesaw State University President Daniel Papp had ignited a firestorm in Atlanta’s art world when he demanded that Ruth Stanford’s work be removed from the inaugural exhibition.

During a walk-through two days before the museum’s grand opening, Papp had threatened to cancel the opening if the installation by Ruth Stanford remained on view. Part of Stanford’s installation addressed the white supremacist writings of author Corra Mae Harris, whose north Georgia homestead was acquired by the university in 2009.

The Fire – 17 March 2014:
Kennesaw State Plans to Restore Censored Art, Still Attempts to Control Message
By Susan Kruth

Huffington Post – 3 March 2014:
Georgia University Censors Art Addressing White Supremacism
By Sally Hansell

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