USA: Library covers up controversial artwork

A piece of artwork by Kara Walker which shows a slave performing oral sex was covered after employees of the Newark Library stated they did not like the image.

Kara Walker, a renowned African-American artist who examines race, gender, sexuality and violence, created the drawing. Her drawing depicts the horrors of reconstruction, 20th-century Jim Crowism and the hooded figures of the Ku Klux Klan, but the part that has some library workers upset is the depiction of oral sex on the right: a white man holding the head of a naked black woman to his groin. The title of the work is: ‘The moral arc of history ideally bends towards justice but just as soon as not curves back around toward barbarism, sadism, and unrestrained chaos’.

Is it censorship or common decency?, asks Barry Carter of The Star-Ledger in an article published by New Jersey On-Line:
New Jersey On-Line – 2 December 2012:
Censorship or common decency? Newark Library covers up controversial artwork

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