USA: News outlets censor Modigliani nude

modiglianiThe $170.4 million sale of Modigliani’s ‘Reclining Nude’ made news in November 2015 not only for its price tag at auction, but also because some outlets in the USA chose to blur out or cover up parts of the naked female body depicted in the painting.

Bloomberg news and CNBC, for example chose to blur out the parts, while the Financial Times used black boxes to cover up the female nude in some editions of its newspaper, reported Hyperallergic.

The arbitrary censorship of the Modigliani drew further attention when CBS’s The Late Show host Stephen Colbert dove into the issue for six minutes and navigated audiences through the various guidelines his show has to follow, including not being able to show a “complete, unimpeded” view of the painting.

In May 2015 the same fate came to a Picasso masterpiece when Fox News covered its sale at auction and blurred out the breasts of the female subject in the painting.

Photo: CNBC screen shot of auction coverage from Twitter


» Huffington Post – 8 December 2015:
Yes, the censorship of nude art today is completely arbitrary

» Hyperallergic – 13 November 2015:
Too nude for the news? Colbert on the arbitrary censorship of art

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