USA: Paintings removed from public building after nudity complaints

“It’s a government building and people come here to work and to do business, and we don’t feel they should be confronted with images that offend them,” said David Wert with the County of San Bernardino.

One painting by artist Armando Aleman and two others by Efren Montiel were part of a display honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month. Aleman’s painting shows a man’s nude backside kneeling in front of a sun. The others by Montiel depict women in the nude.


The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to the county, claiming removing the paintings was censorship and violated the artists’ rights to freedom of expression. The organisation wants the paintings back on display.

ABC Local – 27 September 2013:
Paintings removed from San Bernardino building after nudity complaints
Three paintings on display this week at the San Bernardino County administration building have been taken down after complaints about nudity.

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