USA: Rapper sues city, police over “unlawful” arrest for rap lyrics

Rapper Tiny Doo (real name: Brandon Duncan) filed a lawsuit against the city of San Diego and two police officers on 10 January 2017 for what he claims was his unlawful arrest in July 2014 on gang conspiracy charges.   

The charges were based on rap lyrics about shootings and gang activity featured on Tiny Doo’s 2014 ‘No Safety’ album. The rapper was imprisoned for seven months, but was released after a judge dismissed the charges.

Tiny Doo told ABC 10 News:

The prosecutor in my case admitted I wouldn’t be charged if I sang love songs. As if creating art illustrating the impossible choices poverty presents my community and the magic of our survival isn’t an act of love. My arrest and incarceration sent me a clear sign that my government does not think I am worthy of First Amendment rights.

Tiny Doo’s songs mainly focus on the reality of black people and the poor in the country.

Photo: Tiny Doo’s ‘No Safety’ album cover


» ABC 10 News – 11 January 2017
Rapper Tiny Doo sues city, police for unlawful arrest

» Billboard – 11 January 2017
Rapper Tiny Doo sues San Diego over gang conspiracy charges

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