USA: School committee rejects parent request to ban book for sexual content

A Waukesha School District committee in USA voted unanimously to reject a parent’s motion to ban the book ‘Looking for Alaska’ from schools after a parent challenged it too racy for Waukesha South High School’s reading list.



“The board voted to ban “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s highly decorated but often challenged 1985 book. The futuristic book has been challenged in various school districts for its use of profanity and graphic sexual references. But after the meeting, Board President Mariann Bulko said, after contemplating their vote, the board felt it did not support the administration’s judgment.

“We’re regretting that we were taken by surprise,” Bulko said. “We’re regretting that vote and it will be rectified.” ”

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Trib Live – 24 July 2014:
Ringgold School Board bans book in haste
The Ringgold School Board banned a book in the haste of the meeting and questioned the action after the meeting. Article by Chris Buckley



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