• China/Tibet: Poet re-detained after being released from prison one day earlier
  • Ukraine: Government to bar blacklisted Russian singers in European song contest
  • Morocco: News site publishes blacklist of artists with alleged ties to Israel
  • Tunisia: Culture Ministry bans Iranian film on Prophet Muhammad
  • USA: Christian music festival drops band due to gay singer
  • Australia: Singer received death threats after asking group to stop using songs
  • Brunei: Ministry bans Malaysian film for being “bad influence”
  • UN Special Rapporteur releases report on intentional destruction of cultural heritage
  • Zimbabwe: Artist abducted and tortured
  • Turkey: Writer and brother detained on alleged coup-related charges
  • Egypt: Satirist troupe released after long detention, restrictions remain
  • Turkey: The coup still continues for the art scene
  • Greece: Artistic freedom at stake
  • USA: Schools reverse radio station ban on buses
  • Turkey: Recent reports paint grim picture for artistic freedom
  • Israel: Tensions remain strained between artists and culture ministry
  • Mauritania: Rapper harassed and attacked by police
  • Arterial Network publishes reflections on creative expression in Africa
  • China: Ai Weiwei pulled from exhibition under political pressure
  • Sierra Leone: Musician allegedly censored due to political song
  • Egypt: Author’s sentence upheld over “sexually explicit” novel
  • Burundi: Musician received death threats ahead of trip home
  • Israel: Detained Palestinian poet heads to trial over poem
  • USA: Artworks featuring guns seized at airport

New INSIGHT articles from Turkey and Greece

Published September 13, 2016

Documenting incidents of censorship has never been enough. From the very beginning Freemuse has attempted to put censorship of music and arts into a larger context. Our series  INSIGHT  provides you with articles and features that dig a little deeper. The series is edited by Marie Korpe, co-founder and former executive director of Freemuse. » […]


Iran: Two musicians and a filmmaker imprisoned

Published June 7, 2016

According to Freemuse sources musicians Mehdi Rajabian, Yousef Emadi and filmmaker Hossein Rajabian were imprisoned for their art on 5 June 2016. They have been convicted to three years imprisonment. Please help us in getting the charges dropped against the three artists and freeing Mehdi, Hossein and Yousef by taking action and sharing the video below and using […]


Art Under Threat: Attacks on artistic freedom in 2015

Published May 18, 2016

Freemuse Annual Statistics on Censorship and Attacks on Artistic Freedom in 2015 Artistic freedom is under extreme pressure in far too many countries. The Freemuse annual report summarises censorship and threats on artistic freedom in 2015 in over 70 countries. In total, Freemuse registered 469 cases of censorship and attacks on artists and violations of […]


INSIGHT publication: Targeting the Arts

Published May 18, 2016

» Read on issuu.com Targeting the Arts Documenting incidents of censorship has never been enough. From the very beginning Freemuse has attempted to put censorship of music and arts into a larger context. In 2015 we introduced INSIGHT – a series of articles providing readers with analytical stories on censorship of the arts and in-depth interviews […]




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