• China: Art exhibition with North Korean artist shut by police
  • USA: High school marching band’s playlist censored
  • A history of literary censorship: three books
  • USA: Petition to help artist arrested for painting a utility box
  • USA: School committee rejects parent request to ban book for sexual content
  • Finland: Court orders removal of 76 artistic works from public display
  • Iran: Security forces shut down poet’s commemoration
  • Canada: Petition to minister to end confiscation of artwork
  • Japan: ‘Vagina artist’ released after one week in prison
  • Israel: Palestinian artist prevented from travelling to New York for exhibition
  • United Kingdom: Painting removed from exhibition over pubic hair
  • USA: Arts festival censors art piece critical of company that runs display building
  • Kazakhstan: Poet beaten in prison – call to action by PEN International
  • Egypt: Finnish and Egyptian street artists labeled ‘terrorists’ for graffiti art project
  • Amnesty International on silencing of filmmakers: ‘Manuscripts Don’t Burn’
  • Cuba: Graffiti artist El Sexto charged and detained
  • Egypt: Index on Censorship interview about censored theatre play
  • Singapore: Call to artists to reject self-censorship scheme
  • Singapore: Writers boycott National Library Board
  • Tibet/China: Artists have to tread an incredibly fine line
  • Morocco: Open letter to Moroccan minister about El Haqed
  • France: Mayor censors mural at ceramics museum
  • USA: Media network admits error over alleged censorship of abortion comedy
  • Morocco: The government’s “war” on young filmmakers

Egypt should abolish censorship of the arts

Published May 10, 2014

AFTE and Freemuse publish an extensive study on censorship of artistic expression in Egypt. The 84-page report ‘Censors of Creativity’ reveals that the Egyptian government needs to reform the current legislative and institutional apparatus of censorship. “Several conservative restrictions imposed on artistic creativity contravene human rights standards and basic liberties,” says Ahmed Ezzat, the Egyptian […]


Artsfreedom Newsletter no. 2: Reflections over the statistics

Published March 4, 2014

ARTSFREEDOM NEWSLETTER STATISTICS 2013 Artsfreedom statistics 2013: 19 artists killed, 27 newly imprisoned   For the second time Freemuse presents annual statistics on global violations on artistic freedom. They are a reflection of stories we have collated and published during the past year. But although our statistics include almost 20 killed artists, several abductions and […]


Violations on artistic freedom of expression in 2013

Published March 4, 2014

Freemuse monitored and documented violations on artistic freedom of expression on artsfreedom.org in 2013. The compilation presents a glimpse of repression of artistic freedom worldwide in 2013 and includes cases from 48 countries across the fields of dance, film, music, theatre, visual arts and literature (journalists not included) as they were documented on artsfreedom.org The […]


UN report on artistic freedom launched at EU Parliament

Published September 28, 2013

Members of the European Parliament will join a lunchtime presentation of the UN Report ‘The Right to Freedom of Artistic Expression and Creativity’ at the European Parliament in Brussels on 2 October 2013. The report will be presented by its author, Mme Farida Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur in the field of Cultural Rights, who was […]




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