• Syria: Surviving civil war with heavy metal
  • Rwanda: Singer arrested
  • UN Rapporteur receives complaints on violations of artistic and cultural rights
  • Belarus: Outspoken musicians endangered
  • Australia: Arts minister violates the right to freedom of expression
  • France / USA: End to Apple’s corporate censorship of French book
  • France: Open letter addresses censorship in the arts sector
  • China: Australian novelist refuses to bow to censorship demands
  • Saudi Arabia: Artists cautiously test censorship limits
  • Iran: Signals of growing musical freedom of expression
  • China: ‘Art martyr’ Ai Weiwei asks for his passport back
  • Iran: President Rouhani’s mixed messages on artistic freedom
  • China: Artists and filmmakers launch tirade against film censorship
  • Malaysia: Comic book banned for translating the word God as Allah
  • India: Tamil film pulled out of theatres in Tamil Nadu after protests
  • Turkey: World writers call on Turkey to respect freedom of expression
  • India: Play cancelled due to protests from Hindu fundamentalists
  • Iran: Six women artists cancel their participation in exhibition in Israel
  • Japan: Censors reject the French film ‘My Little Princess’
  • Vietnam: Two writers released on amnesty, one remains imprisoned
  • Mexico and Honduras: Writers have no freedom of expression
  • Turkey: ‘Nymphomaniac’ movie by Von Trier banned
  • Iran: Minister of Culture echoes call for cultural crackdown
  • Indonesia: Film censorship board bans the American film ‘Noah’
  • Saudi Arabia: Ban of popular Islamic cartoon
  • Pakistan: “Censorship boards and artists have always been arch rivals”
  • USA: ‘Art Interrupted’ recreates censored modernist exhibition
  • Japan: Director claims censorship of film set in slum
  • France / USA: French novel falls foul of Apple’s breast inspectors
  • Egypt: Poet Omar Hazek imprisoned
  • Egypt: Revolutionary singer stopped from performing
  • “Don’t Like It? Destroy It…” Two chronicles on censored art
  • UK: Four artists shortlisted for Freedom of Expression Awards 2014
  • Saudi Arabia: 420 books banned at Riyadh International Book Fair
  • Freemuse to United Nations: Iran discriminates women artists
  • Freemuse and AFTE: Egypt should abolish prior censorship
  • USA: Exhibit reinstalled after public firestorm over censorship
  • Artist Alert: February 2014 | Article 19
  • Artists are truth tellers risking their lives for us
  • India: Film on assassination of former Prime Minister banned
  • Lebanon: Inconsistent and bizarre censorship practices
  • Pakistan: Voiceless singers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cry for security
  • South Korea: K-pop music booms but censors still loom
  • The soundtrack of Syrian resistance
  • Palestine: Gaza cartoonist receives death threats
  • Music Freedom Day 2014 takes place in 18 countries
  • Burma: Film and report about The Art of Transition symposium
  • Malaysia: Two artworks removed from national arts gallery
  • Cuba: Rappers persecuted – beaten, ransacked, arrested
  • Turkey: Musicians of Grup Yorum plan hunger strike
  • India: Tamil poets explains how music is permitted in Islam
  • India: Publisher agrees to destroy book about hindu religion
  • Zambia: Censorship row over song that encourages child sexual abuse
  • Artist Alert: December 2013 and January 2014 | Article 19
  • New Zealand: American rappers banned from entering the country
  • Lebanon: Theatre play banned in ‘climate of fear’
  • Iran: Poet executed
  • Cameroon: Poetry collection to raise funds for imprisoned poet
  • Ethiopia: Book about censorship of arts in the Ethiopian society
  • Cuba: Gorki’s trial suspended
  • Turkey: New optimism for Kurdish culture though pending cases remain unresolved
  • UN study on the impact of advertising and marketing on cultural rights
  • Cuba: Punk rocker Gorki reportedly again faces years in prison
  • Iran: Unusual sight of musical instruments on state tv
  • Tunisia: A hundred drawings for the freedom of one illustrator
  • Pakistan: Five killed in cinema attacked with hand grenades
  • India: Signs of growing weather in film censorship
  • India: Films at mercy of new censor board CEO – and his five-year-old daughter
  • Tajikistan: Book manuscript confiscated
  • Azerbaijan: Screening of documentary on artistic freedom blocked
  • Northern Ireland: Council reverses Bible play ban
  • Iran: Actor denied work over resemblance to Ahmadinejad
  • Iran: Writers association criticizes state pressure
  • USA: ‘Censorship’ controversy over school shooting massacre artwork
  • Northern Ireland: Bible comedy play banned on accusations of blasphemy
  • USA: Freemuse Award winner Pete Seeger dies at 94
  • China: Authorities tightens regulations for books and online films
  • Syria: Music banned as Islamic law takes hold in northern province
  • China: ‘Tiananmen singer’ Cui Jian censored
  • Saudi Arabia: Palestinian poet jailed for ‘atheism and long hair’
  • Turkey: Playwright and author exiled after death threats
  • USA: Bun B addresses rap lyrics being admissible in court
  • Egypt: Oscar nod for banned Egyptian film
  • China / USA: The battle over censorship
  • Russia: A gay writer talks about homophobia and libel under Putin
  • Iran: Freemuse and PEN welcomes release of poets on bail
  • UN Special Rapporteur requested to discuss Tibet with Chinese government
  • Iran: President Rohani says that “art without freedom is nonsense”
  • Turkey: ‘Rock‘n’roll Imam’ under investigation
  • Zimbabwe: Banned playwright and visual artist isolated
  • Israel: Palestinean drummer arrested and dumped in wasteland
  • USA: Musician’s instruments confiscated and destroyed in airport
  • Russia: Freedom to imprisoned Pussy Riot members
  • Zimbabwe: Constitutional court ruling in favour of artistic freedom of expression
  • Sweden: Public broadcaster excludes hit rap song from playlists
  • Russia: Freedom promised to the two imprisoned Pussy Riot members
  • Iran: Artists launch petition to end suppression of musicians
  • Iran: Musician and music distributors arrested
  • Tunisia: Rapper Weld El 15 appeal hearing
  • India: Art themed on same-sex issues face censorship
  • Tunisia: Two musicians denied access to perform at festival
  • China/Tibet: Free jailed Tibetan singers, stars tell China
  • China/Hong Kong: Artists demand freedom from interference
  • Turkey: TV watchdog fines Turkey’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ over sexual innuendo
  • Qatar: Booksellers face book-by-book censorship bottleneck
  • Iran: Work of homosexual writer and poet blacklisted
  • China/Tibet: Campaign to protect free speech in Tibet
  • ARTerial Network Report: Monitoring freedom of creative expression in Africa
  • Egypt: Film about homosexuality irks censors
  • Egypt: Gay film under fire
  • Norway: Christian heavy metal band receives death threats
  • India: Threats to artistic freedom of expression
  • India: Film screening stopped by police
  • China | Tibet: Writer sentenced to five years in prison
  • Iran: Popular rapper arrested by Morality Police
  • Belarus: Blacklisted musicians play abroad
  • Saudi Arabia: Popular sci-fi novel banned
  • Iran: Day of Struggle Against Censorship
  • Vietnam: UN call for greater freedom of expression
  • India: Rap song about corruption asked to be removed from film
  • Russia: Pussy Riot member’s case against prison dismissed
  • Russia: Christian activists sabotage theater production
  • Cambodia: Song writer Yorm Bopha released on bail
  • USA: Paintings removed due to nudity
  • Russia: Pussy Riot’s Alyokhina appealing to Supreme Court
  • Tunisia: Rapper receives four-month reprieve on sentence
  • Tunisia: Fugitive rapper to appeal conviction
  • Malaysia: Artist under government scrutiny for work critiquing USA
  • China: Freedom of expression in perilous state | PEN International
  • Denmark: Poet’s event going forward despite police concerns
  • Egypt: Amid censorship, ‘Egypt’s John Stewart’ is without a show
  • Norwegian cultural executive: “We have a problem in our own society”
  • Malta: Moves afoot to end theatre censorship
  • Qatar: Sculpture accused of anti-islamic idolatry and removed
  • Iran: 18 months imprisonment of actress condemned by NGOs
  • Denmark: Young poet assaulted for ‘infidelity’
  • India: Film banned for allegedly hurting religious sentiments
  • USA: MTV launches series to document power of music and art to ignite change
  • Russia: Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova located
  • Mauritania: Two rappers detained and interrogated
  • Iran: Festival directors in Sweden show their support for Iranian filmmaker
  • China: Hong Kong Ballet ‘self-censorship’ spurs debate on freedom of expression
  • Australia: Artists hit back against censorship of nude photography
  • Bahrain: Exhibition stormed and destroyed by police
  • Qatar: Poet’s 15 year prison sentence upheld
  • Belarus: Cultural censorship as state policy | Index
  • United Kingdom: Gallery in censorship row over Egyptian posters | Index
  • Nigeria: Increase in number of music videos banned for erotic content
  • Malaysia: American artist banned for offending religious sensitivities
  • Zimbabwe: Visual artist challenges charges of insulting president

Artsfreedom Newsletter no. 2: Reflections over the statistics

Published March 4, 2014

ARTSFREEDOM NEWSLETTER STATISTICS 2013 Artsfreedom statistics 2013: 19 artists killed, 27 newly imprisoned   For the second time Freemuse presents annual statistics on global violations on artistic freedom. They are a reflection of stories we have collated and published during the past year. But although our statistics include almost 20 killed artists, several abductions and […]


Violations on artistic freedom of expression in 2013

Published March 4, 2014

Freemuse monitored and documented violations on artistic freedom of expression on artsfreedom.org in 2013. The compilation presents a glimpse of repression of artistic freedom worldwide in 2013 and includes cases from 48 countries across the fields of dance, film, music, theatre, visual arts and literature (journalists not included) as they were documented on artsfreedom.org The […]


Turkey: Ferhat Tunç joins Freemuse at conference

Published February 10, 2014

The Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç will join Freemuse Director Ole Reitov on 12 February 2014 at an international conference ‘Freedom of Speech – Perspectives and Initiatives’ in Uppsala, Sweden. Ferhat Tunç, a Freemuse Award winner, has faced dozens of court cases in Turkey. He is considered one of the most important voices for the rights […]


UN report on artistic freedom launched at EU Parliament

Published September 28, 2013

Members of the European Parliament will join a lunchtime presentation of the UN Report ‘The Right to Freedom of Artistic Expression and Creativity’ at the European Parliament in Brussels on 2 October 2013. The report will be presented by its author, Mme Farida Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur in the field of Cultural Rights, who was […]




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