• France: Verdict of three years imprisonment to rapper in Marseilles
  • A brush too far? Six art pieces that stirred controversy in Africa
  • Azerbaijan: Six years imprisonment to Sing for Democracy campaigner
  • Turkey: Film festival censorship controversy and cancellations
  • France: Artist finds coexisting hard in streets of Paris
  • Pakistan: DJs and singers silenced with new loudspeaker regulation
  • USA: Country stations ban song for promoting gay agenda
  • France: Prime minister intervenes to stop ban of posters for musical trio
  • Canada: Controversy over concert cancellation sparks public debate
  • Pakistan: Drummer and performer killed by armed men
  • Tibet/China: Monk and artist reportedly arrested
  • Iran: Film about illegal dance company
  • India: ‘Un-Freedom’ movie banned by censorship board
  • Morocco: Rapper Al Shuaibi reportedly released from prison
  • USA: California college removes art project after complaints
  • Egypt: Composer arrested and singer escaped
  • Freemuse and PEN submit joint report about Lebanon to UN
  • Russia: Culture Ministry to probe ‘blasphemous’ Novosibirsk opera
  • France: Controversial comedian sentenced for Facebook post
  • Saudi Arabia: ‘Art is Halal’ poster campaign sparks lively debate
  • Afghanistan: Performance artist receives death threats
  • Egypt: Premiere performance deemed ‘inappropriate’ and cancelled
  • USA raises the question about artistic freedom of expression in UN
  • Suppression of artsfreedom in Middle East and North Africa discussed in UN

New series: Artsfreedom gives you INSIGHT

Published April 24, 2015

Documenting incidents of censorship has never been enough. From the very beginning Freemuse has attempted to put censorship of music and arts into a larger context. Our new series  INSIGHT  provides you with articles and features that dig a little deeper. Read Daniel Brown’s fascinating interview with French street artist Combo Culture Kidnapper, who was […]


Violations on artistic freedom of expression in 2014

Published February 18, 2015

Freemuse annual statistics on violations of artistic freedom of expression 2014 shows that artists all over the world increasingly are facing attacks on their rights to freedom of expression. In 2014 Freemuse registered a total number of 237 attacks and violations against artistic freedom. The violations range from killings and abductions to attacks, threats, prosecutions, […]


Freedom of artistic expression in Europe… Which Europe?

Published October 3, 2014

Artsfreedom Newsletter no. 5 As the new Commissioners of the European Union are soon entering their offices and appointing key staff members, we are reminded that Europe is not a clearly defined entity. In fact there are several different “Europes” in which, depending on which one we talk about, the conditions for artistic freedom of […]


Egypt should abolish censorship of the arts

Published May 10, 2014

AFTE and Freemuse publish an extensive study on censorship of artistic expression in Egypt. The 84-page report ‘Censors of Creativity’ reveals that the Egyptian government needs to reform the current legislative and institutional apparatus of censorship. “Several conservative restrictions imposed on artistic creativity contravene human rights standards and basic liberties,” says Ahmed Ezzat, the Egyptian […]




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